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These handcrafted beauties need to dry out between uses. A draining soap dish is a must. If they are kept in a proper soap dish most will last around a month (depending on frequency and mode of use) or more.

Shampoo Bars

If you have only ever used commercial shampoo (that is to say "detergent"), there is a bit of an adjustment period. These bars are cleanser and conditioner in one. You will find that in general there is less lather than the store-bought counterpart, but that's ok, and normal. You may or may not need your current styling products. For example, I no longer need to use my Argan Oil leave in product or shine spray. Take a day you're home and wash your hair and then just let it dry. See what happens. You may not need anything else, or you may need a great amount less.

Also, for my rural customers, especially, if you have hard water follow every 3rd or so wash with an ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) rinse (1 part ACV to 2 parts water). Wash your hair, rinse, then soak or spray hair with the acv rinse, let sit for a minute and rinse out. I promise your hair won't smell like vinegar when dry! This removes the buildup of hair-friendly oils (but you can have too much of a good thing). I recommend an acv rinse once a month for customers with soft water.

Coming soon we will be carrying herb-infused acv with especially chosen botanicals for hair and scalp health.

Laundry Butter

This lovely butter is safe for use in HE machines. Do not put into the drawer for soap, put it directly into the drum (top loading and front-loading) and then load your clothes. If you wash with cold water (to err on the side of caution), put your Tbsp of butter into a cup of warm water, swish around for a moment or two till it dissolves, and pour that into the drum, and then load your clothes.

Make sure you keep the jar sealed  when not in use or you will end up with a lovely rock-in-a-jar (interesting conversation piece, maybe, but not great for ease of washing clothes with).

Custom Orders

Have a specific hair/skin concern? Need a product you can't find anywhere? Bug off soap? Diaper rash cream? Poison Ivy rash reliever?

Shoot me a message!